McBride 2.0

After seven years with my old, comfortable website, I finally decided to move to a more functional, user-friendly home. I hope you’ll all take the time to wander around and explore. Feel free to ring the bells and blow the whistles all you like. With any luck, this new format will make updating easier and lead to more frequent communication. There are many new projects coming up, among them a new novella from Dark Regions Press (BLINDSPOT), a collaborative novella from Delirium (INFINITY TWICE REMOVED, with William C. Rasmussen), a new thriller novel (BURIAL GROUND), and my very first collection from Thunderstorm Books (QUIET, KEEPS TO HIMSELF). There will also be a new, unnanounced novel in the near future, as well as some re-releases of some of my favorites along the way. So stay tuned, things are just about to get interesting.


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