FAQs #1

Here’s the first installment in what I hope will be an informative series of frequently asked questions:

Is there more than one Michael McBride?

Yes, in fact I stood in line behind one at a car repair shop in Greeley, Colorado. There’s another in Denver whose Social Security # differs from mine by a single digit. (I hope he’s been able to turn that credit score around.) More to the point, there is another author who publishes under the name Michael McBride. I debated adding a middle initial or going by Mike, but in the end decided that I’d invested too much into the name to simply let another author have it and access to its fan base.

Did you write Nature’s Way or Hunt, Hunted Murder, Murdered or Exact/Stray Dog or Friendly Fire/Sunniside or Ghosts and the Darker Past?

No. I did not.

Are they any good?

I don’t know. I haven’t read them. Maybe they are. If you want to buy them to support this other Michael McBride, then by all means do so. I’m sure he’s a decent enough guy. But don’t buy his books thinking that they’re mine. Because they aren’t. There are a whole bunch of others that I did write, though. Some of them are even kind of good. I think.

How can I tell which books are yours and which ones belong to this other Michael McBride?

If they’re good, they’re mine. Heh-heh. Or to simplify matters, remember that I publish with Dark Regions Press, Delirium Books, Thunderstorm Books, and other superior-quality limited edition publishers, who also produce eBooks. I’ve elected to maintain the digital rights to some of my titles and I’m now in the process of releasing them on my own under the Factor V Media banner. All of them will have a common cover design theme so that there’s no confusion. See below:


So what about TCBTS and VB? What are they about and when are they going to be released?

You’ll have to stay tuned for further FAQ installments to find out.

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