Blindspot is now shipping!

My new novella, Blindspot, is now in stock and shipping from Dark Regions Press. I’m sure the production will live up to the publisher’s exceptionally high standards. I hope the story lives up to yours!

Thanks to all who preordered the book! You guys are the best! Thanks for making this possible.

Expect to see the e-book in the near future.

5 thoughts on “Blindspot is now shipping!”

  1. Mike – a copy of this arrived in the mail a couple of days back. Will be diving in to this one pretty soon…hopefully over the Christmas break from work.

    1. You mean you didn’t tear it open right then and there and read it?! Dude…

      Merry Christmas way down there in Funny-talk Land. šŸ™‚ That kiddo of your is getting so big!

      1. Well, I dug into the package pretty quickly. šŸ™‚ Looking forward to making some reading time to sink into a bunch of books…including Infinity Twice Removed, too.

        She is getting big, yes. Wishing you and the family a great one too, Mike.

    1. It’ll be available in the near future. Date TBD. Considering the paperback was reasonably priced, we wanted to give it a good jump first. It’ll happen, though. No worries.

      Thanks! I hope you dig it when you get the chance!

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