My new collaborative novel with William C. Rasmussen, INFINITY TWICE REMOVED, is now in hand. Delirium did a phenomenal job with the production (as always). These little hardcovers are just about the coolest thing ever. This is my third, in fact, following BLOOD WISH (2007) and IMMUN3 (2010).

Here’s the skinny:

While deployed in the Middle East in 1991 to fight in the Gulf War, U.S. Navy SEAL Malcolm Jeffers learns that his wife and young son have been brutally killed by the “Infinity Killer,” a serial killer preying on young children throughout the south. He returns home for their funerals…and to avenge their deaths.

Twenty years later, Jeffers discovers that someone has started killing children again in the same fashion as the infamous “Infinity Killer.” is it a copycat killer, or is it someone who got away with their life, but not their mind?

Jeffers doesn’t know, but for his own sense of personal closure, he’s determined to find out…


A peek behind the curtain: I’ve known Bill for years. He’s a great guy and an excellent writer. I was initially reluctant to pursue the idea of a collaboration. I’ve tried before with some gifted authors and failed miserably. But this one actually worked. Bill’s wife pitched him a story idea that sounded like fun. We broke the story into two halves and wrote independently. Bill handled the current timeline, which included most of the action and procedural stuff. (And knocked it out of the park.) I took the backstory, which I suppose really turned into a character study that allowed me to explore the whole nature vs. nurture debate. It may not be my usual fare, but it’s definitely some of my best writing. I think. It gave me a chance to step out of my comfort zone, anyway.

So there you have it. Check it out. I hope you enjoy the heck out of it!



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