New Delirium/Dark Fuse Promotion

My longtime publisher and good friend Shane Staley has launched the DELIRIUM KINDLE BOOK CLUB. It’s a great way to keep on the cutting edge of small press horror fiction and get in on the ground floor with some amazing new talents. Click the link above for the full details, but here it is in a nutshell: For $70, subscribers get 24 novellas delivered directly to their Kindles (2 per month, on average). The first titles they will receive immediately are currently THE COLD SPOT by JG Faherty (a mega-talented author and longtime friend of mine) and Lee Thompson’s DOWN HERE IN THE DARK. (That’s less than 3 bucks a book.)

But wait…there’s more! The DELIRIUM KINDLE BOOK CLUB also has a REFER A FRIEND FOR CASH PROGRAM. Refer someone to Delirium’s Book Club and get $24 for each person who joins! So, refer three people and you’ll get paid two bucks to read some fantastic new fiction, including my November title SNOWBLIND. Check it out HERE!

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