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Cemetery Dance has officially announced the TOC of the long-awaited anthology SHOCKLINES: FRESH VOICES IN TERROR, edited by Richard Chizmar and Matt Schwartz. (You can check out all of the formal details HERE.) My story, “Mount Uncompahgre,” was a blast to write. I got to do a fair amount of research I found particularly interesting. (You’ll see what I mean later this year. Telling you now would spoil the fun.) And it also allows me to share page space with some friends and authors I really admire for the first time. And the book has a Caniglia cover. (How cool is that?)

The TOC:

“Stalled” by Kealan Patrick Burke

“The Transfer Student” by Norman Prentiss

“Roulette” by Brian Knight

“Diablitos” by Cody Goodfellow

“Burying Reena” by John R. Little

“Mount Uncompahgre” by Michael McBride

“From Arthur Clayworth’s Diary” by Rio Youers

“Cry” by Hunter Shea

“The End of the World Man” by Lisa Morton

“The Crooked Walk” by Nick Mamatas

“The Scavengers” by Tony Knighton

“Ghost Net” by Jeff Jacobson

“Momma’s Grave” by Kim Despins

“Escape He Done” by Ted Kosmatka

“Dying on the Inside” by John Everson

“Making the Decision” by Brian James Freeman

My thanks to all involved for the invitation. This is a special project to me because of everything Matt Schwartz and Shocklines did for me in the early years. Matt promoted my titles (and me as an author) when no one out there had any idea who I was or had any reason to care. He’s one of the truly special people in this industry and doesn’t get enough credit for everything he’s done for the specialty press through the years. I owe Matt a debt I doubt I’ll ever be able to repay. Make no mistake, without Matt’s help in the dark POD days, there would never have been any McBride books in limited edition hardcover and I wouldn’t be where I am now. It is my distinct honor to be a part of this anthology and you’d better believe I turned in my best work for Shocklines. Thanks, Matt. You’re a true king among men.

And thanks to Brian and Rich and Norman at CD. Congratulations to all of the authors involved!

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  1. I could not agree more about the praise for Matt Schwartz, Mike. But not only did he look after authors, but also fans of the genre and small press in particular. Then again, I also blame him for me becoming such an avid collector and living on the border of poverty because of it 🙂

    Looking forward to reading your story in this anthology (and was very glad to see you among the ToC).

    1. Don’t I know it. I may not have a collection that rivals yours, but I nabbed a great number of books from Matt and found a ton of great authors I might have otherwise missed.

      I hope you dig “Mount Uncompahgre”! Despite the timeframe of the anthology’s inception, I actually wrote the story between XIBALBA and BLINDSPOT, so it’s not an old pile circa the SPECIES days.

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