Black Voltage Edition Sold Out!

Thanks to all of you who picked up a copy of the lavish deluxe edition of BURIAL GROUND, which I hear is absolutely stunning! I was hoping to report that a few copies would be available to the general public, but, alas, no such luck. (I imagine copies will start popping up on eBay any day now, if they haven’t already.)

There are still copies of the limited-edition hardcover available, though. And if the previous books in the series are any indication, this edition will be killer, too! I’ll post pics when my copies arrive, but for those of you who’d rather not live vicariously through me (my personal recommendation), head on over to Thunderstorm Books and find out for yourself!

A sneak peek at the interior (BV):

4 thoughts on “Black Voltage Edition Sold Out!”

  1. Was glad to see all of the deluxe editions sold out, Mike. Hopefully the limited edition sells out soon and you and Paul start talking about the next project 🙂 [Hope you and the family also had a good trip West recently.]

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