Many Thanks (So Long Delirium)

As Delirium Books winds down its long and successful run, I want to thank all involved–the readers, the collectors, the lifers, the editors and the publisher–for giving me the opportunity to hone my craft and live out my dreams. Signing a deal with Delirium was a major goal of mine early on and I am proud to have achieved it. I’m grateful for all of the subsequent work, which allowed me to work out some serious kinks. (Let’s face it, folks…the early stuff was mighty rough.) I owe a debt of gratitude to Shane, Greg, Steve, David, and all of the artists and editors, one I know I’ll never be able to repay.

One unexpected bonus was getting to know the devoted Delirium fans and collectors and readers who embraced me and welcomed me into a community that I am honored to have been a part of. You guys will always be special to me and I hope you know how much you mean to me. I consider you all a part of my family, as you once invited me into yours. It’s important to me that you all know this, especially in light of the nature of the news many find so disheartening. Without you, I would be nothing. Because of you, I am an author. Don’t let your contributions to the success of people like me go lost in all of this. Without readers, a writer is a diarist. Without friends, a writer is alone. Without money, a writer’s wife makes his life miserable. I thank you for your friendship and my sanity.

I’ll close with a nostalgic look back at my career with Delirium Books, which appears will  conclude with the final novella under the crazy skull cheese-moon imprint logo:











My undying gratitude to all! Onward and upward!





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