FA Frenzy Day 1

If you’re not the kind of person who spent the day with one eye glued to the hockey free agent wire, then feel free to skip right on by. No hard feelings.

My take? (Avs only)

Parenteau: Excellent move. Lord knows Duchene could use a finisher. I like the way the wings are looking now.

Mitchell: We’ll see. Grinders are important.

Zanon: Solid stay-at-home guy. A little more feistiness would have been nice, but decent move.

McClement: Pissed. The guy was gold on the PK and on the defensive zone draw. Boo!

Mueller: Sad. I really wish his time here had played out differently. I wish him well. Just not in Detroit or Vancouver.

On my wish list? I’m okay with the team (at least on paper), but I’d like a new owner please.




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