First Reviews of THE COYOTE

  • Michael McBride’s latest full-length novel, THE COYOTE, is yet another fantastic read in an ongoing, long line of super-great tales! This story, apparently the author’s first use of first-person narrative, starts out a little slower than normal, as if McBride is just getting his feet wet, but soon picks up speed like a snowball rolling downhill. It just gets more and more exciting, especially when you realize early on who the killer really is, and how he goes about leaving complex clues for the novel’s FBI protagonist. Being a former federal law enforcement officer, I can honestly say that McBride’s background info regarding the agent is quite accurate and spot-on. This lengthy tale is easily as good as BURIAL GROUND, and more complex, if not as wide-ranging as the former thriller. I can’t wait to see what McBride has next up his sleeve. They just keep getting better and better! Easily FIVE stars!!  (Thanks, Bill!)


  • I’ve read quite a few of Mike McBride’s novels and novellas and I’m in awe of his talent. No matter what genre he chooses to write in; whether it be thriller, science fiction, or horror, his books and stories always impress the hell out of me. McBride flat out knows how to write! With THE COYOTE, Mike ratchets up the suspense level to the max and I read this terrific novel in less than two days. What else can I say other than BUY IT NOW!!!  (Thanks, Gordon!)

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