Sorry to all who received some phishing garbage from me via Facebook. Sooooo not cool. My apologies. I now rank hackers somewhere between people who drive too slowly in the left lane and people who text while they’re driving. Who am I kidding? The driving crimes should be capital offenses. Hackers should just be strung up by thier heels and beaten like pinatas. (I blame JG Faherty, who got hacked a couple days ago through Twitter. Feel free to shake an angry fist at him for me when you see him. Or buy one of his books; that’ll learn’im.)

2 thoughts on “Hacked!”

  1. Burial Ground was a very intense,exciting book and I enjoyed it immensely. One thing that bothered me throughout was Tasker calling his fellow marines soldiers. A marine would never call another marine “soldier”, unless an insult was intended. It may seem elitist but a marine is a marine and someone in the army is a soldier. Just thought you would want to know.

    Bill Adams

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