The Cat’s Out of the Bag

Coming soon! The hardcover limited edition of THE COYOTE from Thunderstorm Books. Believe me when I tell you that Paul and Leigh are really doing some special things with this book. I’ll elaborate as I can. In the meantime, here’s the killer cover from Zach McCain (INNOCENTS LOST):



2 thoughts on “The Cat’s Out of the Bag”

  1. I’m a new reader of your work having found you at Kindle Books (Amazon) . I loved Coyote; it reminded me of Tony Hillerman in the way you treated the native american characters. Are you going to write any more storiies using agent Walker?

    1. Hi Raymond,

      Thanks for taking a chance on The Coyote. I’m thrilled you enjoyed it! I would imagine you’ll see more of SA Walker in the future. I enjoyed living in his skin for a while and would be happy to return again, as long as I had the right story line to do him justice. (Very non-committal, I know.)

      Thanks again!

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