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I’m proud to present the first picture of the stunning limited-edition hardcover of VECTOR BORNE from Bad Moon Books. These bad boys are now in Anaheim and prepping to ship worldwide. If you’ve been waiting for confirmation of its production, then wait no more. Check out the pic below:



That’s the publisher, Roy Robbins from BMB, with the book. And no, he’s not microencephalic; the book is that big.

Stunning piece of work, isn’t it?

To have your copy shipped posthaste, all you have to do is click HERE and you’ll be halfway there!

Three powerful empires—the Anasazi, the Champa, the Maya—abandoned flourishing societies at the height of their prowess, leaving behind stunning primitive meccas shrouded by the mystery of their sudden disappearance. Three empires on three different continents from three distinct historical eras…and three clues that tie them all together.

Violent geothermal upheaval.

Evidence of cannibalism.

And the mutated remains unearthed from their ruins.

A team of scientists unlocks the secret and searches for proof in the most unstable geological region on the planet…at the bottom of the sea in the Pacific Ring of Fire. When a massive earthquake rocks Oceania, generating a tsunami that decimates the surrounding islands and sinks the research vessel, a rescue team is dispatched…only to find that the majority of the crew had been slaughtered prior to the ship’s foundering.

The survivors find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere on an island that’s being ripped apart from the inside out, desperately trying to reach the lone settlement on the far side.

But they aren’t alone.

Something is hunting them from the jungle, something borne of the fire at the Earth’s core…the same something that caused the demise of the Anasazi, the Champa, and the Maya.

And their only hope for escape rests in the hands of a man who would sooner let them all die than share the island’s secrets.

All with a stunning cover by Kip Ayers!

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  1. What a great novel Mike. Classic McBride. Heavy research in a horror sci/fi thriller page turner. Loved it.

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