F9 Contest Results

Thanks to all of you who entered the contest. There was a wide array of answers, but, unfortunately, none of them was correct. Several people only missed by one, though.

The correct answer is…drumroll please…F5 and F8.

All of the others are fictional. I’m glad the realism of these events contributed to the overall enjoyment of the story. Thanks to all who participated. The winner of the drawing for a signed and inscribed copy of either BLOODLETTING or INNOCENTS LOST will be notified by email. And to show I’m not a bad guy, I’ll throw in a handful of eBooks of THE COYOTE, to be given away at random.

Thanks to all of you who continue to read along with me.



2 thoughts on “F9 Contest Results”

  1. so I finished xabalba and read burial ground a while ago. your doing to the jungle what jaws did for the oecean. keep it up please, Bruce

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