ANCIENT ENEMY Reviewed By Examiner

The second review for my forthcoming novel ANCIENT ENEMY is a good one. Thanks to Josef Hernandez of the Minneapolis Books Examiner for the killer review. I feel as though he really “got” the work. My favorite snippet:

“In order to protect his family, Sani must face down an evil that has plagued his family and his people for centuries and overcome it to not only save his family and livelihood but to also understand who he is in the world. McBride handles this with a deftness that is a testament to his talent and which leaves the reader honored to have shared in the experience with him through this novel.”

You can read the whole review HERE!


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    What a great review!

    1. Hey, Erik! Unfortunately, I don’t think there will be a paperback. DarkFuse is publishing it outside of their book club program, which means there will only be the hardcover and the eBook. You’re welcome to bug the gents at DarkFuse to release one, though. That wouldn’t break my heart. 😉

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