Coming in eBook this Tuesday, April 15th…BLOODLETTING…with a new, reimagined cover.

Bloodletting eBook_edited-1

The butchered remains of twelve year-old Jasmine Rivers are discovered in the cellar of an abandoned farmhouse on the desolate eastern plains of Colorado, the fourth mutilated body found in the last two months. The FBI is still searching for the missing parts of the previous three.

Hundreds of miles away in Arizona, eleven corpses are exhumed from the Sonoran Desert. They’ve been mummified and bundled in the traditional Inca style. But the Inca lived in South America, and these bodies aren’t centuries old.

Seemingly unrelated victims that share a common cause of death: exsanguination.

Special Agent Paxton Carver follows the trail of blood, which leads him to the continuation of genetic experimentation that began during World War II and a designer retrovirus capable of altering human chromosomes. Can he track down the virus and prevent further exposure before the real bloodletting begins?

Only $2.99 at Amazon!

8 thoughts on “Meet the New BLOODLETTING”

  1. Mike – loving the covers of your e-book releases. Of course, the words within are pretty decent, too 🙂

    On an aside, looks like Shades may soon see the light of day, with your introduction included.

    1. Remember that little tale from several years back that you and Gene helped with? I recently received cover artwork and the interior for my review. Out by end of April, with luck.

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