VECTOR BORNE in Surround Sound

One of my personal favorites, the action/adventure VECTOR BORNE, has found its voice. It’s my pleasure to introduce Bobby Brill, who’s doing a phenomenal job so far!

Bobby Brill is an English language voice over artist who has provided voiceover and narration tracks for TV commercials, corporate branding videos, e-Learning products, documentaries, multimedia and audio soundtracks for national and international brands all over the world. His American voiceover style is warm and sincere with a clear, confident, and engaging tone. An ideal choice for clients requiring American voice talent to deliver smooth and commanding voiceovers for commercials, narrations and documentaries with no accent.


4 thoughts on “VECTOR BORNE in Surround Sound”

  1. It’s great your books are getting more formats , which hopefully will lead to more exposure.
    are they going to be abridged or unabridged editions? I always recommend your books to other readers no I’ll have these to pass on.

  2. Thanks, Bruce! I hope you know how much your support means to me! As far as the audiobooks…they’ll be unabridged. And from what I’ve heard so far, they’re going to be fantastic!

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