Those of you who voted for SUBTERRESTRIAL during its Kindle Scout campaign should have already received the link to download your free copy. Thank you sincerely for your support! I hope you love it!

The book is now available for preorder RIGHT HERE! If you order now, it will automatically be delivered to your Kindle on 12/29.

Here’s a little about the book:

An accident during the construction of a tunnel under the Bering Sea leads to the discovery of evidence that hints at the survival of an unknown protohuman species. A team of experts is dispatched into the caverns in hopes of finding the primates before the unstable strata causes their extinction. Something else lurks in the darkness, though…a creature that’s evolved into a predator unlike any the world has ever known, and it’s up to the scientists to make sure that it never reaches the surface.

And the revised cover:


Subterrestrial Cover Black Letters

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