Readers often ask about my research process. When I first get an idea, I spend a lot of time mulling it over. Once I determine there’s the potential for a book, I begin gathering materials. In addition to searching the internet and bookmarking a hundred sites, I also order a big stack of books. This is what I bought to begin research for SUBHUMAN, in case you were curious:


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    1. True! My trips to the Yucatan have helped with numerous books. A journey through the 105-degree Arizona desert was another good one. Mesa Verde came in handy. And I recently went to New York to dig around a little for a forthcoming novel. 🙂

  1. Okay, fine I understand. Just keep writing books and if you ever get the point that you run out of ideas, let us know and we’ll send everything we can think of as long as you keep writing.

    I’m trying not to run through your books too fast and then have to wind up like I do with Child, Sanford, Grisham, etc. and have to wait a whole year fo a new one.

  2. Yes, very curious! Thanks for sharing. It’s always fascinating, when reading the work of a good author, to wonder how much of the narrative comes from thought patterns new to the author as a result of research. I often wonder if the best lines can sometimes shock an author because it was perfection that came out of nowhere so to speak. Yet, in reality I would assume that the line is still an extension of the author’s psyche but the author needed that magic piece of information to bring out the idea for the line. I guess this applies to anyone but it’s exceptionally interesting to see the manifestation of that “magic” in writing.

    1. Very eloquently stated, Adam. For me, anyway, I’d say the research phase is like dumping a box of puzzle pieces onto a table and the writing phase requires the imagination to assemble them into something entertaining.

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