MUTATION in Publishers Weekly

The first review is in and it’s a doozy! From Publisher’s Weekly:

“McBride’s third Unit 51 thriller (after Forsaken) traverses continents to deliver a smorgasbord of bombastic plots involving alien invasions, viral outbreaks, and drug cartels… McBride’s fragmentary style splatters words, cultural references, and body parts across the pages and never hits the brakes…Some thrilling entertainment.”- Publishers Weekly

I’ll take it!

8 thoughts on “MUTATION in Publishers Weekly”

  1. I’m a bit of a book nerd so I like to have an entire series in the same format; hardcover, paperback, mass market, and each type should be the same size. You released Mutant (I received it today and am very excited to read it) but it doesn’t follow the same format as the first two books in the series. You’re killing me smalls.

  2. Mark d Donaldson

    Just finished staying up half the night finishing reading Mutation, the last of the three Unit 51 books. Fantastic! Each book got better than the previous.

    1. Just got my copy of Mutation not long ago…. Sadly, homeschooling my youngest (with special needs) is taking up most of my reading time lately–and focus–LOL!

      1. I hear you. These are some strange times. I hope the home schooling goes well and you enjoy the book! You know I’m dying to hear what you think. 🙂

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