A young girl vanishes in broad daylight on her tenth birthday. Her father, FBI Special Agent Phil Preston of the Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Team, devotes his life to finding her and discovers a pattern in a recent string of abductions.

Dr. Les Grant leads a group of graduate students into the Wyoming wilderness in search of an unidentified Native American medicine wheel photographed by an anonymous hiker. Instead, they stumble upon a macabre tableau of suffering.

Fremont County Sheriff Keith Dandridge finds himself right at the heart of the mystery when twenty-seven bodies are disinterred in the Wind River Range at the westernmost edge of his jurisdiction, with the promise of more to come.

All the while, an unknown evil is summoning the men to its killing grounds, where the remains of the lost innocents are left to rot…and a fate far worse than death awaits them.

“I have been a child advocate a very long time and am aware of the atrocities performed on children who end up with loss of life and mostly, their innocence. Kudos to the author, it felt as though I was personally hunting the killer with them.” —Amazon Reviewer

“An excellent action-packed book, very developed characters, lots of scary what ifs. McBride’s medical/scientific knowledge is suburb which he incorporates into his books and writes with superior consistency.” —Amazon Reviewer

“This is an adrenaline-fueled ride from start to–unexpected–finish. There are plenty of gory descriptions and emotional trauma to captivate even the most demanding of horror fans. ” —Amazon Reviewer

“I must admit that this book genuinely disturbed me like no other. I am the father of a young girl and the description of the victim’s last minutes was way too graphic for me. I had to stop reading for a day and also checked my daughter’s bedroom twice through the night. I also gave her another lecture on stranger danger this morning. All because of this book!” —Amazon Reviewer

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