An accident during the construction of a tunnel beneath the Bering Strait leads to the discovery of a network of caverns and evidence that hints at the survival of a primitive human species. Led by DARPA technologist Reinhard Thyssen, a team of experts from around the globe is dispatched into the subterranean maze to discover all they can before the caves completely flood.

Something lurks in the darkness, though…a creature that has evolved into a predator unlike any the world has ever known, and it’s up to the scientists to make sure that it never reaches the surface. If they can survive that long.

“McBride writes outside of the box; utilizing both reality and speculation to draw forth something utterly new, yet believable. The characters, with their distinctive personalities, bring a lot of conviction to this enthralling thrill-ride of a novel.” —Amazon Reviewer

“It is truly an exciting, but somewhat scary and at times bloody ride. A ride you will not soon forget. The tunnel and caves are amazing, and you are walking and swimming through them. The action and your adrenaline is flowing. If you want a good, scary, adventure, this book is for you.” —Amazon Reviewer

“This writer is excellent. He managed to write in such a way that dragged you down into the depths of darkness with the others not just read about it. YOU are claustrophobic! YOU can’t breathe! YOU are being chased. The terror is real! Is a hard book to put down and it doesn’t look like anyone will make it out of there alive…” —Amazon Reviewer

“Fantastical creatures, tight crevices, blood, guts and gore with scientific jargon thrown in here and there come together in this fast moving tale. This was an exciting, fast read for me.” —Amazon Reviewer

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