F9 Book Release Party

You’re all invited to join me Thursday, June 13th at 9:00 EST for a live chat to formally launch my newest novella, F9. Digital copies will be delivered to DarkFuse subscribers early that morning and made available via Amazon HERE. Hardcovers are expected to start shipping any minute now.


In addition to what we hope will be a fast-paced and fun live chat, we’ll also be attempting to do something none of us has tried before. Hopefully, you all will get a kick out of it.

For a little background on the technology featured in the story, check out the following two links. The first is a basic summary. The second is an example of how it works. This is some crazy tech here. Imagine the possibilities!

You can watch them below the fold.

6 thoughts on “F9 Book Release Party”

  1. Hey brother! I just got my kindle copy from Dark Fuse today. I can’t wait to read this and talk to you on Thursday. I hope all is well my friend 😀

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