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For the fourth year in a row, we just spent the first week of February at Disneyland. Each year we’re exposed to the newest trends that will find their way to our part of the country in the coming months. As a writer, it’s my job to mentally note these changes and their impact on my fictional worlds. As a grumpy old man resistant to change, it’s also my job to rail against them, so I’ve decided to compile a semi-regular list of these asinine observations for my own amusement (and hopefully yours, as well). We’ll start with the trend that most annoys me…

Bandwagon Jumpers!

A single day after the Super Bowl and the park was flooded with people wearing Seattle Seahawks paraphernalia. Jerseys, shirts, hats…you name it. We’re talking one out of every ten people, folks. Is it wrong to show team pride? Not at all! Except when you look closer, you see that all of the jerseys are new. All of the hats have the new logo. I saw one guy with a jersey more than one year old. One. (Kudos to you Steve Largent Guy.) Could these people be lifelong ‘Hawks fans? Sure. Some of them probably were. But now let’s go back to 2013 when the park was flooded with 49ers and Ravens fans everywhere you looked. Or how about all of the Giants and Patriots fans from 2012? This is my point. A true fan lives and dies by his team. I’m a lifelong Falcons fan. I’ve suffered through some miserable seasons and been rewarded with a few amazing ones. Cut me and I bleed red (more of a burgundy during hockey season). So to all of the bandwagon jumpers out there I have this to say…Stop it. Just stop it right now. Pick a team and stick with it. One of these years your team will win it all and you can say you were there from the start. (Unless you’re a Browns fan, in which case you have both my sympathy and my respect.)

That is all.

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  1. I felt that way after 9/11 when the flag became a fashion statement. Also living south of Boston. the slogan Boston Strong soon lost its meaning

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