New York Journal of Books on AE

Thanks to Toni V. Sweeney at the New York Journal of Books for the awesome review of ANCIENT ENEMY! My favorite line:

“Intriguing in fact as well as devastating in the implications it brings to Sani’s young life, this is a chilling accounting of an encounter between the past and the present brought to life by author McBride in a most entertaining fashion.”

You can read the whole review HERE!

6 thoughts on “New York Journal of Books on AE”

  1. Mike just finished Ancient Enemy. 2 minutes ago! enjoyed it a lot. I liked the way the end put the whole story together. well ill have to wait till the next book to come out. I’ve read all the others. but I have plenty of others to read in the mean time. Thanks again Bruce

  2. Thanks, Bruce! I’m glad the ending worked for you. Bringing the end together was a lot of fun. And as far as the wait…it won’t be as long as you think. 😉

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