More SUNBLIND Reviews! And an Interview!

First, from Edward Lorn, author of CRUELTY and BAY’S END… “SUNBLIND is a terrifying hike through an unyielding location populated by some of the most believable monsters in recent memory. There’s plenty of viscera for gorehounds, location description that’s far from boring, as well as some of the best character writing I’ve read.”

And from Paul Nelson… “The pace and tension that Michael McBride brings to the table are nail biting at times and this is another thoroughly enjoyable story that puts you right there in the thick of it.”

Drunken Dragon Reviews says: “Sunblind is a tightly paced, mysterious book that not only grips you from the start but ratchets up the tension and fear as the story progresses.”

And you can read a few words with me at the Cat After Dark blog run by my favorite MommaCat HERE, if you’re so inclined.


Remember that the eBook will only be on sale for $4.99 for another ten days!

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