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Heck, yeah! Thanks to Zach McCain and Shane Staley for another killer cover. This one fits the book perfectly!

Here’s a little about it:

Four teenagers awaken in a scorched cornfield with no memory of how they got there. All they know is that there were five of them when they found the carcass of the mutilated cow.

Forty years later, Eric Devlin sends a cryptic email to the other three survivors: I remember everything.

Karl Doering has spent the majority of his life trying to understand what happened that night and learn the fate of his missing friend. He responds to the mysterious message and finds that Eric has killed himself in a decrepit barn, behind which is a cornfield filled with mutilated cattle.

When a local girl goes missing, Karl realizes that he and the other two survivors are her only hope. To find her they must confront repressed memories so traumatic they’d driven Eric to take his own life…and creatures straight out of their worst nightmares.


14 thoughts on “Cover Reveal”

  1. I’ve just gotten into your books and I am amazed you are not on more top seller lists. Love your books. I read them to from work and honestly just wanna skip my stop and keep going so I don’t have to switch my kindle off!

  2. Just love your books I have read just about all of them. My question is why so long for e book to come out usually it’s the other way around just wondering cause I’m really looking forward to it. Thank you ever so much Coni

    1. Hey, Coni! Thanks for taking the time to write. In this case, the publisher wanted to let readers who purchased the limited-edition hardcover have a period of exclusivity. Kind of a special perk, you know? Maddening from my perspective, but I do like the idea of giving readers something special whenever and wherever possible. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my other stuff and hope this one kicks your butt! 🙂

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